On June 29th, 2016, a truly amazing adoption took place. A sibling group of four found their forever family.

Last year we shared this story:

Mia (6), Parker (5), and Nathan (1) were living in a filthy, scarcely furnished apartment when DCF came out to investigate. An abuse report had been called in by the hospital where their mother had just given birth to twin boys.  The twins were born early.  One twin, Isaac, was small but healthy, the other, Isaiah, was barely clinging to life. The abuse call line report stated that the children appeared malnourished, dirty, wearing clothes that were sizes too small. The investigation of the home revealed:  deplorable living conditions, lack of food, abuse, neglect, and exposure to drug use and domestic violence. 

The children had no books, no toys, and inadequate clothing. Mia & Parker had never attended school. The children were removed from home and all five children were placed into State custody. Mia & Parker went to one foster home.  Nathan to another.  Isaac to another.  Isaiah remained in the hospital, alone.

After months of separation, four of the children were brought together in our Deborah Hope House in October of 2014. Baby Isaiah underwent heart surgery and was placed in a medical foster home.  Mia, Parker, Nathan, and Isaac blossomed in our Hope House.  The House Parents, Gary and Sharon, adore the children and were willing to adopt them if the parents’ rights were terminated.

Mia caught up to her peers at school and developed a love for reading and learning.  Parker beamed every morning with excitement to see his school friends.  Noah went from being a scared, withdrawn child to a smiling, happy, on-the-go toddler.  Isaac grew healthy and strong, reaching all of his milestones.  Gary and Sharon, continued to bring the children to visit their youngest brother, Isaiah, who not only survived a second heart surgery, but at two is walking and catching up to his peers.  Gary and Sharon hoped that one day Isaiah would come join his sister and brothers in our Hope House.

On June 29th all 4 of the 5 were adopted by house parents, Sharon and Gary Abbott! Isaiah, was also adopted by his medical foster parents, Janine and Joe Gabou, who have cared for him since birth.  Both families plan to keep Isaiah in contact with his siblings!


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